Shelby GT350R: more venom to the snake Ford

Somewhere, a Ford lovers handle carefully used the unveiling of GT350. The specifications were data, while the majority of the audience was ecstatic before the performance of the fireball, the fans shook his head, depite: the meteor was not at the height of their hopes by the time. The ultimate Shelby for the track.

Thanks to the removal of the air-conditioning, radio, rear seats, trunk floor, carpets, the camera back and the spare tire, the GT350R is about 60 kilos more mild than the GT350 “ordinary” for these few irreducible performance that Ford has created the GT350R . The wheels are constructed with carbon dietary fiber: an initial for the motor car of great series. His suspensions were revised to provide maximum adhesion to the detriment of comfort. A full set that is aerodynamic been attached into the vehicle to greatly help use the turns as soon as possible.

Ford Lachera the GT350R (as well as the Shelby GT350) of this summer time regarding the roadways regarding the province.

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