smart fortwo electric drive: the possibility of renting a battery

The European path of the sensible brand delivers the solution has an owner of a fortwo electric drive can rent or purchase a lithium-ion battery. More than there, it seems that 97% of the owners of a fortwo ED have preferred rent on a month-to-month basis.

Sensible USA informs us that it will provide the exact same decision on its territory.

On a month-to-month basis
If you take into consideration it fees about 65 Euros for such rental, so we can calculate that the Americans will disburse about $ 87 month-to-month for this provide. A rental that can final up to ten years.

This is a clear benefit compared to the buy expense of an electric car or truck with its lithium-ion battery. There is speak of an economy of virtually $ 000.

A different benefit that is not to be despised, that of enjoying a battery warranty for the whole duration of the contract.

Autonomy announced by the compact sensible fortwo electric drive is 140 kilometers.

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