Smart Fortwo, reviewed and improved?

When a car knows the success, we all have the same reflex: not wanting to be too important changes is effected. Smart has had an unexpected success in Canada. While it plans to sell in 3000 in the first three years, we sold three times. For many, it was important that the same figure is retained, the same fuel economy while improving engine performance and transmission

But in my mind, I had a doubt as to this new generation of small. After all, she would henceforth distributed in the United States via the Penske empire and I feared a Americanization of the product. This fear was even stronger than the diesel engine of the first generation gave way to a three-cylinder engine of 1.0 liters, but gasoline. I saw the first signs of a cop face Roger uncle.

It is with apprehension that I presented at the launch of the Smart Fortwo in San Jose, California. But over the miles, my fears were allayed.

First of all, the engineers have explained that the engine choice had been made not because of dislike of American buyers for diesel, but simply to facilitate its distribution in 50 American states, otherwise Smart could not be sold in California, for example. In addition, the gasoline engine allows to improve performance – five seconds less for the 0-100 km / h- while offering the same fuel economy. And semi-automatic gearbox was not transmission has six gears, which may seem to be declining the well. However, in practice, it is a tangible improvement. The hesitations and delays between passes of the reports were strongly attenuated.

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figure familiere
If the mechanic is new, the designers were happy to refine become so popular silhouette. In fact, the vehicle was lengthened by 195 mm, which has a positive impact on the wheelbase has increased by 55mm while the reserve luggage space is more important. In addition, cockpit is spacious while comfort is better because of the longer wheelbase.

Since the configuration of the car is identical to the previous one, so it welcomes back an access to the cockpit always easy thanks to wide portieres. Also noteworthy is that the seats are comfortable as well as offering excellent lumbar and lateral support. And if the materials of the interior of the first Fortwo were of average quality, those of the present generation are their superiors while soundproofing is also better.

For cons, the design of the dashboard is less original, but it is more homogeneous and more convenient. For example, the air conditioning controls are easy to decipher and operate. In addition, the audio system has a sonority far superior. And although the car looks tiny from the outside, the two occupants enjoy a good degagement leg, elbow and head. At first glance, the luggage compartment does not seem too big, but enough to swallow the luggage of two people for a three-four days.

For many, it seems inconceivable that a small car can provide a minimum of security. However, impact tests have shown that Smart was the safest car in its category, even surpassing the results achieved by larger vehicles. The secret of his safety in case of impact is this ultra-rigid steel platform that helps dissipate the energy of impact.

Much routiere?
Certainly a car as vertical profile and also short wheelbase will not be a champion of highways and will certainly be more comfortable in city traffic. For cons, the Smart surprises on the highway as much by its ability to negotiate the curves of Legal speeds, but its stability by lateral wind. The driver feels the wind turbine pressure in the wheel, but the car remains stable. And it takes 16 seconds to get to 100 km / h departure stopped, an increase of more than five seconds compared to the first generation. And although this is not recommended, its top speed is 145 km / h! The three-cylinder engine of 61 horsepower supplied by Mitsubishi is always room to the rear axle and doing a good job even if it is relatively noisy at idle. But the improvement is most noticeable semi automatic transmission that can be left in fully automatic mode Activated by the shifter through the reports manually or through the intermediary shuffleboard seats behind the wheel. The hesitations of the first transmission are always presented, but the breaks are almost imperceptible as it was really annoying on a Smart, 2007.

And once you adapt his conduct this transmission, we adopt a pace that allows us to obtain proper performance. And most important of all is that the average combined this micro car is 5.4 liters per 100 km. The most economic model sells for $ 1990 while the Passion convertible version of the most exclusive displays a suggested retail price $ 2,250. This includes a retractable canvas roof while cutting Passion – $ 1250 – possesses a series of translucent roof. Note in conclusion that all versions are equipped with ABS brakes and a lateral stability system of series. Slightly more spacious, more comfortable and pleasant to drive, the second generation of the Smart retains the attributes that have made it so popular while improving engine. This allows to address highway sections without apprehension. And it must be emphasized in conclusion that his body is always constituted panels rust resistant polymer and interchangeable.

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