smart fortwo vision EQ: city aboard an autonomous car without pedal, ca you say?

You, resident of the metropolis, dreams of you correct now or you can order a automobile straight from your mobile, and with no driver? No extra wasted time, mood swings, site visitors, parking difficulties, the automobile has snow and so on! This year, the International Exhibition Frankfurt Motor, the manufacturer will present the vision sensible fortwo EQ, an electric autonomous automobile developed for two passengers and urban centers.

The sensible fortwo vision EQ is developed exclusively for urban mobility. It describes its functions by the acronym CASE highlighting its characteristic: Connects, Autonomous, and Service Electric. According to the CEO of Intelligent, Annette Winkler, the new solution meets the requires of modern day urban mobility. It is entirely autonomous, it communicates pretty effectively, is uncomplicated to use and is customizable. This is the way applied by Mercedes-Benz to participate in the improvement of urban mobility: the CASE tactic.

The automobile communicates with its atmosphere thanks to a black panel lies ahead. In addition, a comparable panel is positioned on the inside of the automobile to communicate with the passengers. Mentioned show is customized according to user requires. If for instance you ought to seek the advice of routiere card rather than the climate, you just have to indicate to the automobile and it will adapt to your requests, supplied they are realistic.

As for the exterior, Intelligent has produced new ergonomic portieres for passengers and improved adapted to the realities of the city.

According manufacturer of MercedesBenz and its sensible brand, the challenge of the coming years will be to adapt their solution to the CASE tactic. The march of urban mobility is altering swiftly and we will have to adapt to the requires of city dwellers. Concerning the notion of the sensible fortwo vision EQ, waiting to see the specifics in the unveiling of the Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple of weeks.

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