Strand Craft 166, boat and luxury car!

Design and style Swedish Gray Design and style Studio has not too long ago unveiled its most current inception, a yacht of 160 feet only pretty thriving in terms of style, but with all the most exciting toys, like a supercar parked inside. More than the years, Gray Design and style has presented us some notion automobiles usually sporting Saab logo. This time, their final establishment desires a superyacht of 160 feet, the latter adding to the variety currently contains a model of 122 feet.

The SC166 possesses a completely retractable glass roof, a jacuzzi can be hidden below the bridge, and of course displays a style mimicking racecar. The automotive theme offers a wealthy and one of a kind interior aboard the SC166, the completely glass checkpoint, till the furnishings of the upper deck, totally covered in red leather. Trim chrome and aluminum omnipresent also hyperlink with the auto and guarantees the boat a one of a kind style.

Propelled by two diesel engines MTU 20V4000 each and every building 766 horsepower and combined with Vericor TF50 engine of 600 horsepower, the SC166 is capable of navigating at a cruising speed of 30 knots and can attain a maximum speed of 40 knots.

A supercar on board
Though yachts typically include a selection of marine toys, the SC166 presents rather a supercar, just to continue the tradition of the Swedish manufacturer. Mooring at your preferred port, so you can disembark your yacht with style, becoming single in your auto. The latter also offers top efficiency with its V8 engine that can create 620 horsepower and propel the auto has a lot more than 305 km / h. Alternatively, you can turn to a wide selection of automobiles like Koenigsegg, Maybach, Lamborghini, Ferrari or any other marine toy.

Specs SC166
———————————– Length 50 m
————————————- width 9 m
Weight ———————————– 230 Ton
Engines two x MTU 20V4000 ——————– M93L
Booster —————————- Vericor TF50
Rolls-Royce propulsion ——————- KAMEWA
Maximum speed 40 Knots ~ ———————
Reservoir gasoline ——————— L 35000
Reservoir water ————————- 5000 L

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Specification of the auto
Engine four.three-liter V8 ————————-
——————————– torque 347 lb-ft
—————- Energy 510 hp @ 8500 rpm
-100 km / h three.7 seconds ————————-
————————- Maximum speed 196 mph