Subaru BRZ 2017: a test on the circuit this week

The Vehicle Guide is en route to Canada”s west coast, extra precisely in the path of the new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit track, to find out the extent of the alterations which have been created alterations and has BRZ sports.

Due to the fact its beginnings in 2012, the Subaru BRZ has sold 55 000 copies all through the globe. This restricted diffusion is nonetheless not an obstacle to the comprehensive revision of this model, the engineers of the brand has created a series of alterations for 2017. Amongst these models, we note that the engine energy was referred has 205 horsepower, 5 extra for dotes models of the manual gearbox has six gears, the energy remains unchanged for these teams of the automatic transmission.

Adjustments have also been which have been created to the suspensions, which are calibrated extra firmly in the front and extra flexibly at the back in order to boost the response of the curve frame. In additi

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