Subaru Forester Outdoor 2010: he loves the outdoors!

The Subaru brand is gaining in reputation more than the previous fifteen years, amongst other people thanks to the Outback popular version that can be discovered on the Legacy and Impreza. In spite of this accomplishment, the Japanese brand had to present a utility automobile, or to the look of the Forester model inside the variety in 1998. Considering the fact that then, this automobile has refined and remains an critical player in this niche. Readily available in a multitude of versions, Subaru has anything to seduce a significant buyer saw its permanent integral traction supplied to series across the variety and the possibility to opt for a manual transmission, which is a fantastic case in his favor!

A tiny also gray!
For the purposes of this test drive, a version of Outside (Outside in french) was place at our disposal. This is really a simple version equipped with valuable accessories for these who engage in outdoors activities. Serie, every thing required is that the electric easements, the cruise handle and air conditioning. On the side of the gear, on the other hand, we deplore the rather modest efficiency of the radio.

In terms of finishing, we denote the misuse of gray material blades develop into complicated to keep extended-term. Opting for black becomes a fantastic notion! The assembly is on the other hand effectively executed mainly because no doorbell has disturbed the ears of the tester! The front seats present fantastic help in the back but do not present height adjustments for the passenger (helper). As a result, a tiny individual will be pretty low in the automobile.

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A note is also a center console with lots of compartments prepared to assist. Ultimately, the rear seats are spacious as is the loading location. It should be stated that some of the help Carree line model to get inside this wonderful space.

A standard look
Historically, the Forester presents classic and sober way. Except for some far more sporting versions (XT), it should be admitted that the external design and style does not revolutionized the category. By cons, its elegance will be appreciated more than the years by defying fads. On the side of the wheels, Subaru could have kept the wheels stylized silvery rather than opting for hubcaps covering black wheels. Really feel to these of CR-V LX instance. 

Ultimately, the outside version the benefit of supplying crossbars roof, a hitch (Hitch) and a rear bumper protection. And regardless of the thinness of some physique panels, it is observed that the resistance to rust Subaru is considerably enhanced.

A sweet sonority
As a sweet melody, the four-cylinder two.five-liter engine flat suggests a certain soft sound at a time. The common configuration of the brand aids to leave the weight of the automobile in addition to making sure optimal lubrication of the pistons. As for efficiency, it is specific that a handful of additional horses would be welcome but secure bet that the 170 operating beneath the hood will be capable to satisfy the typical man.

Whilst two.five engine reliability has disappointed far more than a single in the mid-2000s, it appears that Subaru has completed his homework mainly because replaced pistons of the stories are from now uncommon. In brief, we can trust once more!

On the side of the transmission, a manual transmission five-speed fitted to our test Forester. Versatile and quick to dose, its operation brought on no dilemma. A substantial deficiency can on the other hand be passee silence or absence of a sixth gear that would decrease the motor eating plan was 120 km / h. And on a constructive note this time, the presence of a backstop mechanism guarantees that begins inside the dimensions develop into less complicated.

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For the optional automatic transmission, it has only four reports, which is a bit disappointing if you evaluate with other players of the marketplace. All this does not assist to attain the most effective attainable final results in terms of fuel consumption.

Ultimately, we can only applaud the presence of the integral traction gear series. The latter is nonetheless functioning and guarantees that the automobile usually has the most effective traction and even on a dry surface. As for the suspension, there is a slight softness but nothing at all also severe in the sense either.

Right here now a dozen years that the Forester attracts a fantastic clientele in Subaru dealerships. Tantot sensible, from time to time far more athletic, this SUV possesses lots of positive aspects thanks to its sophisticated technologies (except the missing speed) and wide variety of versions readily available. It is quick to see that this model is gaining in sophistication with the arrival of the third generation, producing it a excellent worth.


Model was tested

Version tested

Cost variety

model of value testing

Simple warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Robust points

Weak points

2010 Subaru Forester
2995 was $ 329
$ 299
years / 600km
years / 1000km
10.six / 7.five / 10l / 100km
Outside group which consists of aerodynamic crossbars, a trailer hitch, a storage tray and a floor mat in the load compartment, a retractable luggage compartment cover and a protector rear bumper.
Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, GMC Terrain, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot, Kia Sportage, Mazda Tribute, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan Rogue, Pontiac Torrent (2009), Saturn VUE (2009), Suzuki Grand Vitara Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Traction integrale deemed
  • versatile manual gearbox
  • Gorgeous interior space
  • Great help of the front seats (back)
  • Lot of accessories (Outside)
  • Lack of a 6th gear
  • Interior blade and bland
  • low-finish radio (sonority)
  • Front seat not appropriate adjustable in height
  • Energy windows devoid of self up “
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Appreciation card


subjective worth




Basic appreciation

three.five / 5Bien appropriate, but would be even improved with a manual box six reports.
four. / 5The versions Outside or Sporttech present lots of accessories. decent resale worth.
three.five / 5An style a tiny also sober for simple versions.
four. / 5Bons seats and smooth ride appreciable mainly.
three.five / 5Acceptable in most circumstances.
four. / 5An uncommon SUV can combine an integral cog with a manual transmission!