Subaru opens the doors to the IIHS Car Guide

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Proud to have earned the highest honors in regard to security of the institute since 2009 IIHS, Subaru had invited us to see the destruction of a controlled its products at the same laboratory IIHS. It will unfortunately wait for the official results to speak in detail of the model tries but in the meantime, here”s what the Institute has made us discover. It is also fascinating that striking.

IIHS What is that?
Established in 1959 by a group of American Insurers, the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Translation freed. Insurers Institute for Road Safety) then serving as support for research on road safety. Ten years later, his term is revised and IIHS safety becomes a research center active and passive routiere. His first attempts involve the bumpers and lead directly to raw standards. The dynamic tests [crash test] shall begin in 1973 and demonstrate, among other things, the effectiveness of airbags. Consecration win and, in 1990, two vehicles equipped with airbags each face in face to face and … drivers survive. The IIHS finally earns its stripes.

Be careful not to confuse IIHS and NHTSA [National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, freed Translation: Federal Authority for Road Safety]. NHTSA is an administrative division of the US federal government that establishes standards and ensures application. NHTSA can legally compel a manufacturer has set up a recall while the IIHS affect the industry but has no legal power. The two organizations are complementary.

,Subaru opens the doors to the IIHS Car Guide

Despite these differences, the IIHS tests are taken very seriously by manufacturers. As proof, designers now consider the demanding tests the IIHS in order to receive the prestigious Top Safety Pick +.

And how do we get this honor? Not easily. The vehicles, randomly purchased from a dealer, must succeed crash test lateral, frontal, rollover simulates and, since 2016, of lighting the lights. No mean feat. This is why the manufacturers boast so proudly the symbol Top Safety Pick + from IIHS.

Headlights, the new component active safety
The IIHS is also HLDI [Highway Loss Data Institute, freed Translation: Institute of statistics for road damage and losses]. The institute discovered that the vehicles equipped with directional headlights were statistically less involved in the collision tonight. Seeking an explanation, the IIHS tests developed for the headlights. What they discovered led to the addition in 2016 of a special test for the headlights. Note that the lights are tested as installed by the manufacturer, the IIHS makes no adjustment. Surprisingly, a majority of headlights failed the test for lack of fit depriving suddenly the builder of the famous +. Several have since added a procedure for adjusting the headlights to their assembly line!

A dynamic test takes planning
A dynamic test takes less than a second (typically 200 to 300 milliseconds) but demand a military organization. An army of technicians prepared the vehicle, there are up to 13 cameras, each recording 500 frames a second, has outside and inside the vehicle, sensors, computers and instruments throughout the vehicle, the drive system cable trailer must be prepared and firmly secures the lighting of the stage checked, etc. The preparation of a trial is such that they make two a week, say it!

The test live
The horn announcing the departure of the trial finally sounded and we all remain immobile in our post. So start the 10 seconds of the final liquidation account accompanied by a strange silence. The hiss increasingly acute in the cable trailer announces the approach of the vehicle that will loose that at the last second. The vehicle appeared in the arena, smashes against the barrier with a thud and stopped. The speed and violence of the surprise impact to the point that hardly realized what just happened. It was not until after, approaching the stationary vehicle, while technicians are busy all around, that we begin to measure the magnitude of what just happened.

A striking testimony
While a young technicians case download a video from inside the vehicle, I can not help but ask if his work the Institute has changed his driving habits. Repon: YES! I spent more green lights with a bang and I”m more aware of my surroundings and other vehicles on the road. Like it or not, it makes ponder.

The history of the IIHS explicit video
You believe that these tests are useless or are a waste of time and money? Take a minute and a half of your time to watch the video of a face to face between a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air and Malibu 2009. This video, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the IIHS, says a lot about what the Institute did accomplish was the automotive industry. He was demanding, the industry has responded brilliantly and road safety has been greatly improved.

The future according to the IIHS
Discussing the future with Russ Rader, director of communications for IIHS, the latter admits that the IIHS has just made the collisions around and it looks increasingly to prevention and how to ensure the effectiveness of existing systems and future.
I conclude by quoting Mr. Rade: The only collision or it is certain to survive is one that did not happen!

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