Subie Festival 2015: for the variety glue so Subaru has

Saturday, August 15 was held the sixth edition of the Subie Festival, organized by the dealer Lachute Subaru Lachute Efficiency and the adjustments workshop. In the occasion, considerably of the website was leased ICAR, history attracting more than 700 Subaru autos, and far more than 1,500 participants.

Guests could attempt on a Time Attack track, or you have to cross a circuit club as quickly as attainable, on a track of acceleration a quarter miles extended and more than a course out road, driving Forester and Outback 2016, offered by the Lachute Subaru dealer.

Otherwise, hundreds of Subaru of all types could be admired in a festive atmosphere.

Decidedly, this occasion demonstrates properly the extent of the Subaru variety. Certainly, what enterprise can b

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