Tesla will support the march of use

It is no secret person: Tesla does not sell its cars in the same way as all other manufacturers. While they delegate the task to other companies (with a varying degree of success), the electric vehicles manufacturer prefers selling himself his models through shops owned by Tesla.

Those who wish to buy a jalopy gleaming Californian electric, but are not willing to put nearly $ 8,000 on copy costs from the factory will be happy to learn that Tesla has announced that now offer vehicles uses certified by its own technicians.

This decision has a lot of sense, since the early Model S already are two years old, and the first client who rents a the bring back shortly. Moreover, another important element maturity has come in the next year: in April 2013, to reassure customers who were not convinced of the seriousness of this new brand, Elon Musk had personally guaranteed the resale value of its Model S would be equivalent to a German sedan of the same age and the same condition is roughly half the value of departure.

If customers decide to bring their car to enjoy this offer, Tesla would have several used cars in Spring 2016.

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