The 2015 Ford Expedition between just the garage

For our mechanical inspection in March, we decided to throw our sights on the Ford Expedition 2015. Obtaining currently realized an inspection of the Cadillac Escalade, we had been curious to evaluate the lifts of these two behemoths. So we went to the Levis Nicolas Demers garage to examine the knowledge of Ford in matters of complete-size SUVs.

The Expedition has undergone an update this year. In addition to the couple of External modifications that give it a extra dynamic, have a transplant it also EcoBoost V6 that group numerous Ford models, like the F-150. The three.5L V6 engine gives the 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft. Compared to the prior V8, the V6 EcoBoost engine is extra vigorous and makes use of much less fuel. Additionally, direct injection optimizes the energy of every single drop of gasoline although the twin turbocharger intermediate cooling air / air gives extra energy.

On the outdoors, the very first point that amazed when hunting at the Expedition is the highest position occupied by the physique on the chassis. The