The BMW M1 Homage has presented an elegance contest in Italy

The manufacturer BMW requires benefit of Elegance contest Villa d”Este in Italy (Concorso d”Eleganza Villa d”Este) to mark the 30 th anniversary of the presentation of its supercar, the M1. The BMW M1, the fruit of designer Giorgio Giugiaro, was a wonderful sports auto substantially appreciated for its beauty as for its accomplishment on the track (ProCar Series). The road version of accelerating from to 200 km / h in 20 seconds thanks to its six-cylinder three.five-liter 277 horsepower. Succeeding in this racing auto, BMW had presented a small later the BMW Turbo by Paul Bracq comic, a car idea which placed in the foreground style and functionality, not to mention numerous technological innovations.

Following is the lineage of exceptions vehicles, BMW presented this time the BMW M1 Homage, a style study presented by the design and style group of the Bavarian manufacturer. According to BMW, the Villa d”Este Elegance Contest is beautifully prepared to unveiling such as this region has a mix among the beauties of