The car without driver Google

Google is working on an autonomous car system for some years already. After having honed its Street View imaging system, the American company is now looking to develop a car that could navigate the road network by eliminating the main cause of accidents volan: the driver!

Today, several prototypes are already in circulation on the roads of California, but it comes to production vehicles to which various sensors were installed (Toyota Prius and Lexus RX Hybrid, among others). For the first time, Google has unveiled a car built from all parts of its engineers.

? One of the main features of this friendly vehicle shaped egg is mainta: in fact, passengers will notice immediately that there is no steering wheel or pedals! The car being fully automated, it does not need to review the conduct. You just have to enter your destination and it starts moving, scanning around 360 degrees and detecting hundreds of objects, the car in front of you has the fire hydrant on the side of the road.

The little jalopy is hand made, and all the front is made of foam, to ensure that in case of collision with a pedestrian, it will be well protected. Google provides for building a hundred copies (with manual controls though) to conduct more tests.

This prototype is currently limited to 40 km / h and is only used for research. Therefore, it does not run on the road. Testers have all the same had the opportunity to take a ride aboard a large parking lot, and the reactions have been very positive.

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Google has no plans to produce its own cars, but hope to partner with various automobile manufacturers to develop its technology.