The Ford Mustang at the top of German sales

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Germany is a great lover of sports cars. sporty driving enthusiasts have a wide selection of powerful nerve and cars, and some of the most beautiful circuits in the world are in this country … Not to mention the Autobahn, with a beautiful highway sections without speed limits.

Among all sports models sold in this country in March, has a demarque. No, it is not the very latest Porsche 911 or BMW M3 … no sports car most sold in Germany last month, is the Ford Mustang, a good American Muscle Car!

Seems it that 780 buyers chose the Mustang in 2016 in March, which is enough to place it in first position ahead of the Porsche 911 (754 units sold) and the Audi TT (708 sales).

In Europe, the Mustang is only available with the EcoBoost 2.3-liter and 5.0-liter V8. No V6 in this market, since it will not be a very popular engine.

It remains to see if the brand of Dearborn can continue to stay on top of sales in the coming months …

  • The 2015 Ford Mustang was particularly appreciated our journalist Alain Morin
  • In Europe, the Mustang can come with the steering wheel to the right!

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