The Hennessey Venom GT: more powerful

The Hennessey Venom is currently recognized as one particular of the most highly effective automobiles in the globe, its V8 with a cylinder 7-liter is equipped with two turbochargers and can produce up to 244 horsepower. By means of this energy, the Venom GT can theoretically attain speeds of 447 km / h – while it has managed to get has 435.31 km / h, for lack of a extended track.

Nevertheless, the Texan preparateur decided that his automobile was not highly effective sufficient, so Hennessey will present a version reviewed and enhanced its supercar. The content or far more would add fifty horsepower and new wheels to declare that they had perfected their head d”oeuvres, Hennessey saw gran: thanks to some alterations to fueling up a petrol E85 and enhanced stress turbos – from 19 to 26 psi – the Venom GT now develops 1451 horsepower, 207 far more than ahead of!

According to the manufacturer, the new Venom GT will go from to 100 km / h in two.four seconds and reaches 160 km / h in four.four seconds and 300 km / h in 10.9 seconds pulverize a quarter mile in 9 , four seconds.

Only a handful of Venom GT will be constructed in 2016, as Hennessey is at the moment operating on the subsequent generation of its Venom F5.

You can admire the 2016 Venom GT Hennessey -as nicely as other goods such as the Mustang and the HPE750 650 Velociraptor – at the SEMA Show.

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  • The subsequent supercar will Hennessey F5
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