The Koenigsegg One: 1, next step in the quest for speed

It appears that a new player tends to make his entry in the race to record for the quickest auto. Certainly, Koenigsegg has unveiled information of its new creation right now, the 1: 1. In theory, this auto is anticipated to attain 450 km / h.

So named simply because of its weight / energy ratio which is really uncommon, even amongst the most strong supercar, the auto weighs 360 kilograms and five liter V8 twin-turbo created 360 horsepower. The Hennessey Venom GT also reached this ratio, but it is the weight of the auto is dry, oil and coolant. Koenigsegg was pesee with all fluids and a gas tank was half complete.

To produce as a lot energy, the engineers had to push the limits of the feasible. They appealed to new technologies. For instance, the internal components of turbo variable geometry are constructed with a 3D printer, as properly as the exhaust tip, created in titanium and taking three days to print.

Even though the basic kind is the very same as the Agera, the 1: 1 utilizes a new carbon fiber weaving approach which would be 40% lighter than the fundamental model. This auto will also be the very first brand to make use of active aerodynamics. Hydraulic actuators are behind seats some components of the front bumper, and bend the carbon fiber to direct the wind by way of the physique. This is unheard. 

At the rear, the brand new wing will also be activated by hydraulic actuators. Through braking, as an alternative of just slow the automobile as most other suppliers have made the wing will be lowered to deliver far more aerodynamic help on the back of the auto, permitting the brakes to be far more successful.

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The 1: 1 is also launching a new technologies of adjustments by GPS. The Koenigsegg engineers to bring the auto on a number of circuits about the planet, with the aim of beating the track record. The auto will be optimized for a particular section of the track, then these information will be entries in the personal computer. When on the track, the auto will figure out its precise place by GPS, recognize what is the subsequent region, and modify its settings in true time.

Only six copies of the auto will be made (in addition to the prototype), and they are currently sold out!