The mechanical MDX: Luxury without breaking the bank

The mechanical MDX: Luxury without breaking the bank
The mechanical MDX: Luxury without breaking the bank
The mechanical MDX: Luxury without breaking the bank
The mechanical MDX: Luxury without breaking the bank
The mechanical MDX: Luxury without breaking the bank

In collaboration with Andy Elmaleh Mecanique, your reference in mechanics in the area of ​​Vaudreuil-Soulange

The MDX, the Acura Intermediate SUV is among the best sellers of the brand, and for good reason, since it offers a lot of luxury and equipment for a relatively reasonable price. But what about when the masks fall?

Andy, our mechanic has inspected the Acura MDX in its most total privacy, just to reveal openly the good and less good shots of the engineers who designed the vehicle.

Under the hood

The first thing Andy noticed is the presence of a timing belt (timing belt), while fashion is the distribution chains. If these channels are good for life, the belts must be changed to 100 000 km, or they may break, literally and kill the engine. Has made this kilometrage, an LED may illuminate on the instrument panel, prompting you to go to the dealer to replace your timing belt. There is talk of an operation from 800 to 1000 $.

Despite the many plastic protection present in the engine compartment, Andy argues that the 3.5-liter V6 is perfectly accessible, all components requiring maintenance can be reached easily. However, it is strange that the car’s computer is up even at the engine block because the high heat of around risk, long-term harm to fine electronic connections. The candles are all easily accessible.

MDX transmission, an automatic gearbox 9 reports, please do not have Andy. Manufactured by the German manufacturer ZF, it is a complex design, which makes roughly its possible repair in case of default.

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Traction integrale simplifiee

Honda does not have a good makes history regarding the design of its Matching Integrated wheels. Andy noted that the rear differential of the CR-V a few years ago was particularly difficult to replace if broken. However, the MDX’s system presents an elementary design that simplifies the task to the technician who was working on it.

Small flat, however, the joints of the drive shaft are not repairable. In other words, if one of these joints had to be lacking, it would change the entire tree, up the front of the vehicle. Fortunately it is easy to access, since we are talking about an operation was $ 1000. In americaines brands such joints is usually replaceable. Andy notes the presence of several guards in the vehicle: in the case of breakage or transmission shaft, he will not face the ground and create sparks or fire, since it will be retained by small metal songs.

A suspension that has it all

Both at the front has the back of the vehicle, Andy noticed that the suspension is composed of elements in lightweight aluminum, as well as several independent control arms, which greatly helps to improve comfort and roadholding .

As the Acura TLX, the camber of the front wheels is fixed, because the shock absorber is embedded in the steering knuckle. This is a parameter less to check when the time comes to make the parallelism of the front wheels. Overall, the design of this suspension borrows a lot of elements of German vehicles, reputed for their dynamic behavior.

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Under the vehicle, good and less good

The following MDX presents a welcoming space for mechanics. Andy noticed that the oil tank and oil filter are easily accessible.

Basically, the vehicle chassis does not appear to have been treated against corrosion. But, as said our skilled Mecano, it may be an accessory sold by the dealer or the recovery of the underside of the car by a layer of protective polymer.

The transfer case that sends power to the rear wheels, is cleverly situated next to the transmission. Removable, it causes no problem in case of repair, unlike some vehicles like Jeep, or must disassemble everything to change anything.

Large brakes

At the front, there are big disks double piston, ventilated double, with aluminum calipers. For Andy, this kind of brakes represents the best compromise between performance and service life: they provide an adequate braking without requiring a replacement to the 50 000 km as a high-performance brakes.

At the rear, the discs remain impressive, but Andy wondered especially about the relevance of having inside wings factory with a kind of fabric rather than plastic … But he noted that the fabric is more flexible than plastic, and is less likely to break.

significant detail was noted, bolts MDX returned to the same size as the rest of the Honda range, then, that at the time, the MDX has had both larger bolts, but also of specific wheels as a single spacing. If you have an older MDX, and intend recover your wheels to put on a new MDX, they will not go to him.

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Finally, know that the MDX will reserve you any bad major surprise, which, in the luxury vehicles of the world, is a miracle. So if you are looking for a large luxury SUV that will not cost you an arm and a leg to maintain, the MDX is any designated solution.

See our photo gallery to learn more about the mechanics of the 2016 Acura MDX.