The new Hyundai Elantra, 2017 (3:24)

History replicate on arrival of the new Civic, Hyundai introduced this year the sixth generation of the Elantra, a completely reworked model that has what it takes to beat defending champion.

Offered a few weeks, the Elantra is sold in 2017 has a base price of $ 15 999 or $ 200 more than in 2016. This increase is minimal as taking into account the fact that buyers are entitled to a level of equipment a little more cozy with heated seats serie.

From the side of style, we strongly distant from the old design and sticks again on the lines of the recently redesigned Sonata. Some will find the Elantra too ordinary, but do not believe the pictures.

In this niche, too Niche style is not necessarily very seller and Hyundai seeks to please a wide audience.

The Mazda3 stands out a little from batch design side, but otherwise as the Honda Civic Toyota Corolla that have nothing to fight hearts. These are above all models of reason, not passion.

This is a board that transformation will most unanimously. It was anything but the impression of being in a car economic vocation. The instrumentation was modernized, simple and effective, but especially the new layout of the dashboard we appreciated.

A touch screen allows you to view and operate most of the systems while a band including the most useful controls (volume, channel change, source) is placed just below.

The Elantra advantage of a whole new mechanics this year and is the first to host the four-cylinder 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle.

The motor develops a power of 147 horsepower and a torque of 132 ft-lbs. The couple may seem low and it is also the Achilles heel of this type of engine. 

The engine transmits its power to the front wheels with excellent automatic transmission has six gears much more enjoyable than the CVT competition. As for the manual transmission, it has never been the great strength of Hyundai. The good news is that only the basic version can be fitted.

With all these changes, how does this new Elantra on the road? It is initially more comfortable. It perceives well its superior rigidity and soundproofing efforts. 

Approval power, the engine is not the most eloquent of the lot with its 147 horsepower. Hyundai is very careful to remind us that the old four-cylinder 2.0-liter developing 173 horsepower and 154 lb-ft, figures far superiors to this new mechanic.

Despite everything, the power is decent, and the car was fat-reduced despite the gain in size. The engine hard to do, but the automatic transmission takes much advantage of the power available. It is especially in terms of fuel consumption that this change will pay.

However, we reserve the Elantra supercharged shortly to compete with other compact has sporty. turbo engine? Nothing departs.

The new Hyundai has a lot of ingredients to make it a serious candidate for the throne. Those who believe that the Koreans are good just has to make cars affordable, but quality pietre will change his mind!

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