The new MINI was unveiled in 2014

At the unveiling of the 2014 MINI at the LA Auto Show earlier now, the leaders spoke of the new – new – MINI. A nod to the Beetle is no longer “New” from final year? Nevertheless, aesthetically, this third version of the MINI gets its personal way the neo-classical types of its predecessor, which are reminiscent of the Rocketman idea.

The Mini 2014 announces ENHANCED dimensions:
–    length of 820 mm (+ 98 mm),
–    wheelbase of 490 mm (+ 28 mm),
–    height (410 mm + 7 mm).

His chest pass from 51 to 211 liters, after the lowered seat.

On the inside, the new MINI nevertheless has its huge central circle but is not intended as many implies of communication. Henceforth, beneficial gauges for the driver are placed just before him.

TwinPower Turbo engines extra potent:
–    3 cylinder 1.five liter of 134 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque,
–    4 cylinder two. liter and 189 horsepower 207 lb-ft of torque,

A manual transmission is six-speed automatic or six reports are aspect of the new catalog. The engineers have to take the chance to overview the suspensions and brakes and refine the electromechanical steering endowed series of Servotronic technique.

The new MINI will also give extra methods of communication and safety systems. She was born in 1959 but it modernizes, the MINI!

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