The new Volvo XC60 meets every attributes dream crossover

Press release

According to the senior management of the Volvo Car or truck Corporation, the new Volvo XC60 comes with boldness in the automotive segment experiencing the quickest development in the globe – that of the modest crossover luxury – wrapped in a fascinating blend of XC capability muscular and sporty charisma of a cutting.

In my view, it is not only the safest Volvo but also the most wonderful of all instances. The mixture is not poor, is not it? Asks the President Basic Manager of Volvo Car or truck Fredrik Arp. The new XC60 has been presented premiere in March at the International Motor Show of Geneva and the very first arrivals amongst Canadian retailers are planned for the starting of 2009. Costs will be announced in a rapprochee date from that of the setting sale.

The segment of modest luxury crossover is buzzing. In 2009 it is anticipated to improve 75% to 44,000 units, although a dozen cars will engage in fierce competitors.

To succeed in such a competitive atmosphere, we ought to be bold and build a automobile that exceeds all other individuals, says Arp. The new XC60 bases its unique appeal on the synthesis amongst a bold sporty lines and a variety of intelligent security systems that aid the driver steer clear of accidents.

The major news is the so-named urban safety City Security – a special function that can aid the driver steer clear of or decrease the impact of impacts at low speed in regular city site visitors and on busy roads. If the sensors detect the XC60 a collision is imminent and the driver does not react, the Volvo Greenhouse itself the brakes in an work to decrease the severity of effect.

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We are the very first manufacturer worldwide to provide this function as typical gear, stated Arp. City Security tends to make clear that the new XC60 is the safest automobile Volvo has ever developed. The automobile is packed with technologies and know-how in matters of safety, each for accident prevention and for guarding all the occupants in a collision.

turbo engine has six cylinders
The new XC60 will be accessible in Canada by an animated T6 turbocharged six-cylinder generating 281 horsepower. The integral drive (AWD) with Immediate Traction is montee typical gear.

Due to its compact dimensions, 20 cm shorter than the XC70 and reduce than the XC90, XC60 continues to expand our line of slimmer vehicles higher efficiency energetics, says Arp.

The configuration of the chassis is assuredly sporty without the need of losing something in terms of comfort. At the wheel of the new XC60, we instantly realized that the automobile was constructed to deliver a driving knowledge out of the ordinary.

A target tour to technologies
The XC60 project is straight a target group that imposes higher demands in terms of style, the integrity of the brand and the technological composition of the item.

In a way, a single could say that it is these prospects who grew up with electronic tablet as a all-natural supplement to their cereal in the morning. They are accustomed to an extremely rapid pace of improvement in the globe of electronics – and every single succeeding birthday has book their elevated capacity in ever smaller sized package.

When it comes to picking a automobile, these customers adopt the similar view as the other merchandise they Recherchen All properties must preferably be integrated into a single eye-catching and wise set.

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You could definitely say that it would be quite excellent for the subsequent automobile of the present owner of a C30. It is just as sporty and excitable, but has numerous extra skills. A complete crossover for an unmarried particular person who lives in the city and for the young loved ones who share with the children for a weekend of enjoyable and adventure, says Arp. We aim way of life rather than age. With the XC60, we are expanding our variety of models to attract extra prospects to the urban way of life. Like the Volvo C30, the XC60 plays an significant part in our volume expansion tactic.

equal allocation amongst Europe and North America
The sales target for the new XC60 exceeded five,000 vehicles a year. The distribution amongst Europe and North America presents a inhabituell uniformity: 40% for every step. The final 20% are destined to the globe. The 5 biggest markets for the duration of the year of 2010 will crest the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia and China.

This automobile presents a all-natural appeal in North America, says Arp. Right here in Europe it is the sporty character coupled with the compact format that attracts new purchasers, in particular girls. The XC60 delivers a feeling of space even even though it is about 20 centimeters much less in length than the XC70. The reality that China and Russia are amongst the 5 biggest XC60 markets for demonstrated clearly that these increasing markets are now starting to take considerable value. And the pace of sales will only accelerate in the future in these markets.

The Volvo XC60 will be constructed at the factory Volvo Automobiles Ghent, Belgium.

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