The return of Jaguar racing

There are additional than 10 years, Jaguar has attended his final race formula following four years and 84 races, the steady had not managed to win a single Grand Prix podium or even a single record in turn, mark placed all his hopes on the 2004 edition.

One particular would count on a turnaround, as in the most wonderful stories, Jaguar Racing would Wins Gold, demonstrating to all the know-how British … But this was not the case. Soon after a different winless run, the brand has decided to place the important beneath the door, leaving the international racing car or truck.

Now, Jaguar is to declare its intention to return to racing higher level, having said that, alternatively of get back into Formula 1, it is now an electric car or truck Formula E will bring the “emblematic feline on its sides!

From the starting of the 2016 season, we will see the car or truck represented above are Be operating in an impressive silence on the slopes of street circuits, according to Jaguar, technological breakthroughs that will be refined in these vehicles will be quite beneficial for its production autos … Which means that the future at Jaguar Land Rover announces Electrifying.

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  • Subsequent year, Formula E will also be a series of unmanned race baptize ROBORACE
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