The Scion Tuner Challenge Canada will soon end

For the duration of the previous year, 3 specialist teams have made use of their creativity and knowledge to generate 3 overall performance machines with their personal customized Scion FR-S. The teams have hassle eight of eleven distinctive challenges – from the speed and the drift has the agility and much more.

The challenge that is taking location is the Folks”s Decision and then ca may possibly be decisive. The youtube video for this challenge is right here:

Right here is a description of 3 teams:

SWAG Racing (Quebec)
SWAG Racing is a racing group of Quebec performed by Dany Babu Bernier, a junkie montees adrenaline and motorized sports. Most men and women know of Babu following his appearances at the Tv in Quebec, as an animator broadcasts as Top rated rock Babu, Babu edge Gears with Babu and Thunderbolt. Babu has also produced a name as host of rock and palmares broadcasts on radio stations as CHOI-FM, COOL FM, and Radio Power-X.

Top rated Tuner (Ontario)
Produced in 2005, Top rated Tuner feeds the passion for auto customization and produced recognized the culture of tuning to the public. Top rated Tuner played a pivotal function in the elaboration of some of the most recognized in the market thanks to its show automobiles revolutionary aesthetic, contemporary and trendy. Not too long ago, she collaborated with Can Jam Motorsports focusing on investigation and improvement in racing to generate a hyperlink involving the globe of show automobiles and that of motorized sports, and fully alter the course of issues in the globe tuning

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Group VCMC (British Columbia)
Group VCMC is an extension of autocross club of the very same name primarily based in British Columbia. Consists of more than 200 members, the VCMC is 1 of the most significant clubs and greatest organized in the nation. Its members have accumulated much more than 50 national championships category across Canada and the United States.

For now, Top rated Tuner is ahead, followed closely by Group VCMC and ultimately SWAG Racing

For much more information and facts and to comply with the challenge check out their web-site. . .