The Smart Fortwo “Electric Drive”sera offered the 2012

From 2012 the sensible fortwo electric drive will be created in significant series in the French Hambach factory

– Announcement in the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic

– Only 5 years to the pilot project of destiny generate the final client

– Booting from a modest series of 000 units in November 2009

– M. Dieter Zetsch: From right now, zero emission urban website traffic is a reality.

Daimler AG, the take a look at of French President Nicolas Sarkozy the sensible plant in Hambach, Lorraine, was the occasion to announce the option of web site to accommodate future production series of the sensible fortwo electric drive. Group with a lithium-ion battery far more modern day, this precursor electric automobile will be created in significant series has Hambach from 2012, the sensible network by marketing and advertising.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Management Board Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Auto: The sensible fortwo electric drive is proof that, for now, zero emission urban website traffic is a reality. A very first production of a modest series of 1,000 automobiles will debuter in mid-November for a client delivery of the finish of the year. From 2012 the sensible electric drive will be element of the typical plan of sensible production. This choice in favor of the Hambach plant represents a critical step – as for production in series of electric automobiles for the future of this hugely revolutionary production web site.

A Hambach, Daimler will invest in the production of the sensible fortwo electric drive with lithium-ion batteries exceeding a sum of ten million. Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, announced for the duration of his take a look at to the sensible plant in presence of Michel Mercier, Minister for Rural Regions and Renovation of the territory, the French government supports this project by means of the premium of regional organizing (PAT). This help comes in extensive partnership with the Area Lorraine and Moselle Division. These supports must represent 15% of the total investment.

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M. Sarkozy has now created the Hambach plant has to find out in particular for the duration of a tour of the assembly line, the propulsion systems of tomorrow, environmentally.

From November 2009, the production of modest series of a thousand sensible fortwo electric drive will get started up in Hambach. Initially, these automobiles are intended has key shoppers european metropolises and the United States beneath different mobility projects whose objective is to gather client impressions in each day use.

From 2012 the sensible fortwo electric drive will integrate the sensible variety to meet the demand of shoppers, right here and currently really significant. The sensible fortwo electric drive will be distributed through the sensible network. sensible strengthens its precursor image in matters of urban mobility and respect for the atmosphere.

DECISIVE early stages in 2007 and 2008
Given that 2007, the sensible brand occupies a spot amongst the pioneers of electric propulsion. Given that then, as element of a pilot project, a hundred automobiles of the very first generation sensible fortwo electric drive by means of the streets of London in genuine circumstances of urban website traffic. The optimistic echo dating from the starting of the operation was largely confirms the level of maturity of this automobile idea.

A year later, sensible presented the second generation of electric propulsion endowed most sophisticated and revolutionary lithium-ion battery and higher efficiency. Compared to other battery varieties, the positive aspects of it are decisive: greater overall performance, reduction of charging time, longer service life and higher reliability …. In addition, it is achievable to recharge a fortwo electric drive in the just plugging into a normal household electrical outlet.

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The story of a accomplishment: the sensible factory in Hambach
Inaugurated in 1997, the sensible plant in Hambach solution given that 1998 the sensible fortwo that is, given that 2007, its second generation. The year passes, far more than 800 sensible teammates France and about 800 other piecing seven technique partners created practically 14000 units of the sensible fortwo. In September 2008, the brand celebrated its tenth anniversary and the production of the millionth sensible fortwo out of the Hambach plant.

Historically, Lorraine factory embodies a production idea resolutely innovan: thanks to its shape assembly line far more, the sensible plant in Hambach responds optimally in logistical processes and optimized production. This principle enables the technique partners and suppliers to provide their modules straight to the assembly line. The expenses of transport and logistics are as a result lowered to the maximum in accordance with the needs of the brand in terms of environmental friendliness. In addition, the paint technique atmosphere-friendly, the idea energetics inducing a lot of possibilities for savings and the mode of production materialize the practice of ecological duty of the brand.

The sensible fortwo
There are far more than ten years, the sensible fortwo conjuguait currently environmentally friendly and modern day functionality. Given that then its revolutionary idea combines outstanding sustainable technologies, tour towards the future, person urban mobility. From along its 250 cm, this compact automobile, really thrifty, delivers its passengers optimum comfort and security. In addition, its style has significantly contributed to producing the sensible an art symbol of life demonstrating that mobility, taking responsibilities and joy of life can go collectively. Therefore, the sensible fortwo she offers birth to a new class of automobiles. Distributed not too long ago in China and Brazil, it is from now marketed in 41 nations, the key markets getting Germany, Italy and the United States.

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