The SUV Jaguar F-Pace will be the Tour de France

In current years, Jaguar is the official companion of Group Sky cyclist who participates in the Tour de France. Various cars of the brand have been employed by the group help members as XF Sportbrake and F-kind specially modified for the occasion.

For the edition 2015 is a excellent particular car that will be employed by pros that will help Chris Froome in the course of the 1st stage of the race, the group manager, the physician, the mechanic and a further member will comply with the cyclist in a prototype of the 1st SUV Jaguar F-Pace.

In addition to the crew members, the car will be filled with components, tools and meals supplements.

The F-Pace will be equipped with an attachment for bike and was covered with graphics in the colors of Group Sky. The record of 13.7 kilometers winding involving Utrecht and Belgium will allow Jaguar engineers to harvest of worthwhile information on their new SUV, and even attract far more marketing on the most anticipated car brand for a lot of years.

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