The used electric cars sell fast in the USA

The used electric cars sell fast in the USA

The market for electric vehicles in the US is not very different from ours. Indeed, the 100% electric cars account for about 1% of sales for our southern neighbors, but according to a recent study conducted by the iSeeCars site, this does not seem to prevent the sale very quickly on the walk from the occasion .

The data published by iSeeCars show that between January and August 2017, six of the 10 used cars that sold quickly were electrified, and three were fully electric.

The Fiat 500e (not available in Canada) leads the way with an average time of sale of only 22.2 days. The BMW i3 is found on the second row, used copies selling in 23.2 days on average. The Nissan LEAF is found in 6th position (25 days) while a Tesla Model S USAGEE requires an average of 26.1 days to sell (10th position).

The Toyota Prius PHEV (24.7 days) and Ford Fusion Energi (26.1 days) are also on the list.

Different reasons could explain these results all the more surprising. First, iSeeCars recalls that the depreciation suffered by electric vehicles is generally very high. Thus, four of the six models electrified present in the prize list saw their value fall by more than 10% from one year to another.

The exception is the Tesla Model S whose value increases from one year to the other in the market for used cars. According to officials of the study, the rarity of the combined car has a limited broadcast times why a Model S USAGEE also sells quickly.

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As a reference, a used car takes an average of 33.4 days to sell in the United States.