The V8 from the Lexus RC F

The V8 engine is an evolving breed EXTINGUISHING: in a globe exactly where frugality and reign or turbocharging achieves the identical energy than a V8 five years ago with a four-cylinder, can s” anticipate that this configuration is promptly relegated to oblivion, like the V16 and eight cylinder in-line password. 

For cons, the V8 now that we are entitled are the most effective ever made, and it is generally fascinating to see companies continue the tradition.

In the new section RC F is a five-liter V8 that is applied to spin the rear wheels. Primarily based on the 1 identified in the old IS F, virtually the whole mill was modernized: air injection inlet, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, heads, valves, ball bearing might revolutionize … up to 300 revolutions / minute, large V8 develops 471 horsepower and 390 foot-pounds of torque.

An additional fascinating novelty comes from technical … avancees of the Prius! Certainly, this hybrid automobile utilizes the Atkinson cycle combustion engine in its (reduced overall performance, but supplies superior economy of fuel) when a regular machine is primarily based on the Otto cycle. In the V8 in the RC F, if the laptop or computer determines that the energy requirement is much less, it will use the Atkinson cycle to save fuel.

So we have extra than searching forward to driving the Lexus RC F to get pleasure from the symphony of the V8 engine, a pleasure that will not final eternally …

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