The Volkswagen Atlas 2018 not on the ice, but in the rain

To attempt the new SUV, Volkswagen had ready a circuit on a frozen lake, place at our disposal two authorities in driving on skiing and 4 autos was integral transmission. Anything was … except the lady of cooperation Nature, considering that it was pouring rain!

Luckily, Group Volkswagen had a program B, a small much less exciting undoubtedly, but extra rational. An asphalt cocktail temper and muddy dirt roads and snowy all designated for our test autos.

MQB, a actually universal platform
We had two Volkswagen Atlas 2018 freshly out of Chattanooga assembly lines and two Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 2017 to demonstrate the versatility of the MQB platform, the basis of these two autos.

The Atlas is the biggest car manufacturer in America by VW. Compared to the Tou

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