The Waze app – the problem

You”ve possibly heard of Waze, otherwise, right here are the fundamentals.

This is an application for intelligent phones that desires a sort of social customers of the road network.

By logging in, you will see your avatar to stroll in true time on a map routiere. You can report other customers Waze perform, accidents, and the presence of police officers, for instance.

A force to discover the roads, you earn points that can be exchanged against the statutes and privileges. You can also add Waze mates, to be conscious of their movements.

The slogan of Waze, which belongs to Google, is Let”s fight the website traffic collectively. Even though honestly, the application is mostly employed in navigation, such as Google Maps.

The difficulty with Waze is that the request application has its customers to share what is taking place on the road. Waze encourages them to receive a particular bracket that enables to suspend telephone so he could serve no hands. But if you ought to continuously press the corresponding icons to what you see, right here is a funny distraction, which they disobeyed the spirit of the law against the use of mobile phones although driving …

In the end, Waze is a great concept, but an concept that demonstrates the limits of the use of technologies driving. It was as eager enterprise to ban mobile phones from driving, but paradoxically, it puts extra and extra screens in vehicles, supposed to replace the great old physical buttons.

More than it going, with the arrival of autonomous vehicles, and we may perhaps sit in vehicles that supply entertainment at the wheel. Quickly, we will concentrate extra interest to the road at all, to paraphrase Einstein, we could finish up with a generation of idiots.

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