The world of Volkswagen – The drivers of tomorrow

Although Toyota place all his efforts in hybrid wheels, attempting to convince North American purchasers that this is the technologies of the future and the only viable, several other companies have quite various opinions. Volkswagen is 1 of these dissenters. For the quantity 1 European producer and the third in the planet for now, there are quite a few other approaches to cut down gas production of greenhouse gases and fuel consumption. According to them, create smaller engines creating energy equal to that of some dual cylinder engines is 1 of the options. In addition, diesel engines are extra effective most of the time to cut down pollution and consumption that complicated hybrid systems, pricey and not constantly productive.

In the context of a provided conference in Wolfsburg ahead of the representatives of the international press, Dr Hermann Middendorf, Head of Improvement of Smaller cylinder engines at Volkswagen, explained the outline of the philosophy of the European quantity 1.

He mentioned the financial crisis that hit the planet in current months, and the announcement of eventual environmental requirements americaines a lot extra extreme is excellent news in some way for Volkswagen. Certainly, that manufacturer currently possesses a variety of low cylinder engine capable of ensuri

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