Top 5 Worst Automotive Innovations

The walk from the car is constantly evolving since the very first Ford Model T. Today, the largest automobile manufacturers in the world invest huge budgets in research and development (R D) in the hope to stand out from their competitors. Obviously, when speaking of testing, we speak of errors necessarily. Here are a few that caught my attention.

,Top 5 Worst Automotive Innovations

1. Bricklin SV-1
This model designed by the founding father of Subaru America, Malcolm Bricklin, was designed to exceed all safety standards for sports cars. However, the model was so misses we stopped production of the model in 1974 after just two years.

The car showed impressive features such as a body more resistant to impacts and a type of bird portiere designed to better absorb impact in a collision. However, this new technology was so heavy that the car door required a Motorized support for its opening. By adding all the technological surplus, said sports car was not at all successful and now threatened to imprison the occupants in the event of default of the engine of one of the portieres. Rather ironic for a car safe, is not it?

,Top 5 Worst Automotive Innovations

2. Amphicar
The Amphicar has initially been designed to reduce ground traffic using the shipping lanes. Although very exciting, the idea has known the failure. The model was produced in some 4000 copies during the 1960s.


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