Toyota FT-1: From the concept to the (hard) reality?

Toyota FT-1: From the concept to the (hard) reality?
Toyota FT-1: From the concept to the (hard) reality?
Toyota FT-1: From the concept to the (hard) reality?
Toyota FT-1: From the concept to the (hard) reality?
Toyota FT-1: From the concept to the (hard) reality?

At the first press day of the New York Auto Show, Toyota held a private event in which the center of attraction was the FT-1, a concept for the least revolutionary unveiled last January in Detroit.

It was the first time I could see, almost in privacy, this feature. Indeed, of all the presentations that took place in Detroit, the FT-1 had literally steals the show, as much by its bold lines because it had been created by … Toyota! Yup, the same Toyota that offers Avalon and Prius.

If Toyota wanted to get the message that in future it will put more emotion into his car, she could not do better. Akio Toyoda, the Director General-President of Toyota was also given only one set has its designers when the time came to create the concept Make it cool (Make it cool). In the cool style is successful!

The future Supra

The FT-1 is known henceforth, will be the next Supra. The original had been produced between 1978 and 2002 and never really had a replacement. Rather than look to the past, Toyota prefers to face the future with panache. Moreover, the FT-1 denomination means Toyota Future One.

In New York, I have unfortunately not been able to sit in the FT-1 or speak has engineers (it was a much more worldly event that technical – in fact, only worldly, in a bar with arm guards security, beautiful waitresses, too much techno music rapper Biz Markie, etc.). This does not preclude me to notice certain details that had escaped me in Detroit. Curiously, I found the FT-1 a little less beautiful than in the excitement following its unveiling in January. For example, I found the front, the nose of type F1 importantly, very proeminent and, at the limit, a little too big. There are many outlets of very pronounced air, which brings pretty deep cavities, provided to love curves. It is closer curves of a McLaren P1 that sharp angles of a Lamborghini Avantador. I wonder what the body of the FT-1 will give in terms of aerodynamics. Both very visible fans situated at the front should not promote it.

Tech Talk

The FT-1 which was shown in New York was floor Pirelli PZero Nero dimensions 245 / 35ZR21 at the front and 305 / 30ZR21 at the rear. Here we are in the category of the Lamborghini Aventador, Camaro Z28 or SRT Viper. The perforated brake discs are immense and in two parts for better heat dissipation. The cover glass is in its center and several parts are made of carbon fiber. Designers have planned for generous air inputs and outputs as imposing. An engine must ca breathing but must also evacuated as ca! At the rear, the two huge round trips suggest an exhaust at least two and a half inches in diameter while the larger air outlets will help to cool the brakes. The pilot held in his hands a flying worthy of Formula 1, although sitting in a cockpit or each millimeter exudes high performance.

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A minimum of decency, please

With such rigging, we do not expect a four-cylinder 1.5-liter, also TURBOCHARGED be it. It was nice announce a hybrid drive, the car seems endowed of elements suggesting at least one petrol engine 3.5-liter V6 or a V8 better. Regardless, the catalog Toyota / Lexus full engines. In any case, less than 400 horses would be of infinite sadness in such a car.

Associates has an electric motor and a set of serious batteries, a four-cylinder engine can deliver performance rather incredible. However, I do not think we would have expected as much air vents for such a small cylinder. And there is the sonority of engine acceleration. Nothing beats a good big V8 for AC (or, at the limit, a line six double turbocharged)! By the way, the copy that was shown in New York was endowed with an engine, but it was not functional. On after what I gleaned here and there, one would speak of a propulsion or, in some cases, an integral.

Super affordable sports?

The or there is (or there seems to be … unless this is just in my head) a problem is that at the unveiling of the FT-1 in January, Toyota management said that BECAUSE it was a Toyota, it had to be affordable. The style and promises that the FT-1 brings are those of a car $ 150 000 minimum. I do not see this car, as it presents itself today, selling $ 50 000. For this, it should be endowed with a lower engine cylinder and not be as technically advanced than its current lines suggest the. No doubt that the use of carbon fiber is reduced. Toyota could then target next to the target by creating a deception or, at the very least, highlight a dichotomy between the reality and the image of supercar. Unless Toyota manages to create an affordable supercar, gender Nissan GT-R. It would be genial, right?

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One thing is sure. Toyota never does anything for nothing. And it does not present its FT-especially one like that, for no reason. The Japanese automaker has big plans for this car. Very large. And it is incredibly proud. We look forward to the drive, this pride! And not just on a screen …