Toyota Highlander 2014: Know boredom

If for you a car have to have a renewed unpublished platform, new engines and a lot of other technological innovations, the most current Highlander might disappoint you. Certainly, each the chassis as the engine is recovered from the older version. There are technical adjustments course, but it is basically in terms of the silhouette and the passenger that the most critical adjustments are a highlight.

In theory, this Toyota all use need to propose the similar conduct soporific than previously. A winter test, having said that, shocked us.

The drab forgotten!
Historically, the majority of Toyota automobiles have an anonymous figure, a cabin and a sanitized ultrasobre conduct. Their reputation was primarily based on a reassuring reliability, a neat finish and a fantastic resale worth. But it appears that the quantity one particular international exchange has its novelties of improvement philosophy. Whilst retaining the similar fundamental qualities, it makes use of a extra aggressive style and a extra rewarding driving.

Highlander This appears to have been created from these objectives. It”s not the most sophisticated SUV intermediary in the market place, but a extra distinct grille, side walls additional raised with respect to the waistline, embossed wings passages and a rear section RENEWED do wonders. It”s evening and day compared to the 2013 model.

But the distinction is even extra marked in the cockpit when the dashboard has extremely tiny to do with the drab presentation of anterior model that sported the most really hard plastics market. This time it is not only extra sophisticated and extra modern day, but the plastics are soft. Also, the shelf below the dashboard is best inter alia to deposit a cell telephone or glasses smoke. The screen show is eight.1 inches on the model to test and rather straightforward to use for the reason that it is belt left and suitable manage wrecks. The indicator dials are straightforward to study with their white numbers on a black background. In the center, there is a powerful sensible information and facts screen.

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Our test model was a Restricted model with the median row seats have been sort of captain when the third row, wider in 2014, can accommodate 3 occupants … but on situation that they are weaklings. Ultimately, even soon after the third row of seats in location, the cargo space is generous with a capacity of 390 liters. Other detail, the rear window opens independently of the tailgate, which is extremely handy when you have to carry lengthy objects.

Compact technical trick, Speak Effortless method permits the driver to communicate with the rear occupants with a particular rear view mirror and a microphone that transmits the speech in the rear speakers.

minor adjustments
As is normally the case with Toyota”s engineers have prudence plays in terms of mechanics. The 4-cylinder is no longer offered in the Canadian market place and renewed the three.five-liter V6 generating 270 horsepower and 248 lb-ft of torque. This time, the automatic transmission is a six-speed alternatively of 5. We could have adopted an automatic transmission eight and perhaps nine reports as is the case on a lot of new automobiles.

Henceforth, the 4-wheel drive method is of the on request and not as prior to integral mode. It is feasible to lock the method to all 4 wheels by signifies of a square button in the front center console. It is automatically disengaged when the car reaches 40 km / h. Ultimately, the rear suspension is extra multi-hyperlink, but triangulated levers.

In net progress
Highlander precedent had no main weakness, but the accreditation of conduct was not present when the feedback from the road was practically zero. This time it is significantly much better. He has not been into sports car – it would have been tricky to reach with a major 7/eight seater car whose center of gravity is rather higher though it was decrease than three centimeters in 2014. It is not possible to locate any indication whatsoever as to calibration adjustments dampers and steering help, but it is significantly extra optimistic. Driving devoid of getting spectacular, genuinely is extra enjoyable than previously. Having said that, his imposing size – he is in reality longer than 7 cm wider and 1.five cm – felt their presence, in particular when it comes time to park.

The transmission has six gears is manumatic and attracts any main criticism. report of the passages are performed immediately and smoothly. The lever falls properly in hand, by cons, it blocks access to the partially paved manage for managing the integral cog. Often on the center console, two wheels adjustment enable adjust the heating and cooling of the two seats prior to. The steering wheel is heated, but only on the decrease half as the upper component of the coil is created of wood.

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The driving position is related to that of a van, which guarantees great visibility. As for the front seats, they are comfy and lateral assistance is fantastic. The similar remark applies to the seats of the second row captains. In contrast, the third row is significantly less douillett: the somewhat thin rembourrageest and degagement for extremely typical legs.

General, the Highlander is extra pleasant to drive than prior to. It is nonetheless not thrilling, but it is far higher than the earlier model. In reality, the only downside is a substantial consumption of 14.two liters per 100 km. The Toyota Highlander 2014 provides 4 model: LE FWD ($ 3680), LE AWD ($ 3180), XLE AWD ($ 3900) and ultimately the Restricted AWD from $ 4100. A model has hybrid need to be marketed quickly.


Model was tested

Version tested

Cost variety

model of cost testing

Standard warranty

Powertrain Warranty



Sturdy points

Weak points

2014 Toyota Highlander
4WD V6 Restricted
3680 was $ 550
$ 599
years / 600km
years / 1000km
Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Flex, GMC Acadia, Honda Pilot, Mazda CX-9, Nissan Murano, Subaru Tribeca
  • extra pleasant driving
  • neat finish
  • Reliability assured
  • fantastic habitability
  • Modern day Dashboard
  • Higher consumption
  • Some pricey models
  • uncomfortable Third row

Appreciation card


subjective worth




Common appreciation

three.five / 5Loin the manufacturer”s information
four. / 5Polyvalent, handy and trusted.
three.five / 5Nettement Enhanced
four.five / 5On can take it straightforward eight
four. / five In fantastic middle
four. / 5Plus sophisticated and extra pleasant to drive than prior to.