Toyota Prius: 3 million sold

Nowadays, it is recognized as the reference in matters of hybrid automobile, this automobile appeared on the Japanese market place in 1997.

At its beginnings, the demand was definitely not to go and it will be the release of the second version in 2003, and its entry to the European and North American markets to see deliveries of the hybrid automobile take off .

Deliveries of the Toyota Prius ultimately exploded in 2009 with the commercialization of the third generation of this incredibly economical hybrid automobile.

Just lately, Toyota announced the sale of its three millionth Prius.

Nowadays, 15% of automobiles Toyota and Lexus brands appreciate copyright Hybrid Synergy Drive technologies, exclusive to the Japanese manufacturer.

The variety Prius
For 2013 years-model, Toyota delivers 4 versions of its Prius, which are responding to the pretty precise demands:

  • Prius, the berlin: the icon for hybrid technologies,
  • Prius Plug-i: version rechargeable battery,
  • Prius: the compact crossover loved ones,
  • Prius subcompact super economical.
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