Toyota Tacoma 2016: we now know was how it looks

Toyota has finally decided to modernize its intermediate Tacoma pickup truck, after being sold without much change for more than a decade, this truck will improves. Some say it is in response to the duo GMC Canyon / Chevrolet Colorado is sold recently, but in truth, it was high time that the Japanese manufacturer inject some new blood into this segment.

We recently learned that Tacoma would be unveiled at the Auto Show in Detroit, but Toyota decided to show us What will the van before its official launch.

By cons, we have no technical information about the vehicle. It will therefore extrapolate based on what may voi: the pictures, we see that the present model is a Tacoma double cab, it has a V6 engine (as indicated on the tailgate) and has law has a 4×4 wheel drive. Like the current Tacoma, it is likely that this newcomer is available in two wheel drive and with a 4-cylinder engine to allow to be sold cheaper.

For now, we do not know if that truck is based on a brand new chassis and is using new components, or if the changes are not aesthetic. It was not until January 12 next to learn more.

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