Two concepts to announce Chrysler”s return to China

Chrysler takes advantage of holding the International Exhibition of Beijing Automotive, to present two concepts and formalize his return to the very lucrative Chinese market.

A gradual return debuter expected shortly.

But first, the American manufacturer wanted to whet the curiosity of the Chinese in presenting at the Beijing Show, its Chrysler 300 Ruyi Design and Jeep Wrangler Dragon concept.

Two v.hicules that testify to their way, the culture of the Middle Kingdom.

The Chrysler 300 Ruyi Design Concept
In China, Ruyi symbol is that of authority and wealth. It is by respecting these fundamental values ​​of the Chinese people as its Chrysler submitted its 300 Ruyi Design sedan.

Lavish sedan that is enriched by a dark chrome grille. An approach to the delight of the Chinese, whether from outside or inside the vehicles. The Ruyi badge is clearly visible on the trunk while his superb rims 22 “collection of formatting branches of Chinese scepter (Ruyi).

The Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept
In China, 2012 is the year of the Dragon and the Jeep just draws inspiration from this mythical animal.

The body section and the hardtop of the vehicle are colored black, while the calender, the contour of the headlights and wheels as well as the interior sections are bronze.

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