Volkswagen Atlas 2018 new SUV Intermediate

The Atlas is the new seven-passenger SUV that Volkswagen manufacturer will compete with nicely implanted cars, such as the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer and Dodge Durango. This time, no strategic alliance, Atlas is a common Volkswagen car that positive aspects the international platform QCM, the exact same as for the Golf SportWagen, but of course, stretched and adapted to the lead to.

This loved ones carrier will be propelled by an engine 4-cylinder turbocharged two.-liter that will provide 238 horsepower, married to an automatic gearbox eight reports, the only 1 provided. If you ever come across that mechanics is tight or you want to love the virtues of an integral cog, you can opt for the Atlas group to a six-cylinder three.six-liter, which Deploys its 280 horsepower rating . Of course, it will deal with the compromise of a slightly superior consumption.

As you can consider, no diesel engine for the Atlas, but it is achievable that a plug-in hybrid livery is in the plans, even if we did not want to confirm the Volkswagen rating. This was the case of the car idea which inspired the model, and we know that the German manufacturer requires the electric turn.

Approval price tag, the car will be in between the modest Tiguan and the Touareg. It is intended for households who want a versatile car providing spacious cabin, though getting a load volume capable of accommodating all the loved ones paraphernalia. Its quite edge style provides it a slightly significantly less contemporary appear, but we acquire in functionality.

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The car will arrive in showrooms this summer season. Its price tag is anticipated to be unveiled later date.