Volkswagen BUDD-e: the sympathetic van CES

Volkswagen had announced the return of its renowned microbus at the Customer Electronics Show in 2016. There was only a couple of weeks, we could see the very first cliche displaying the front of the automobile.

Through the well known exhibition for electronics, the German manufacturer has fulfilled his guarantee by presenting the Budd-e, a tiny SUV possessing a host of revolutionary technologies.

1st, the Budd-E is distinguished by its apparenc: thanks to its types Square, has its flagship LED and integrating its wide grid of light emitting diodes, a single notices instantly. The Budd-e also ideal has solar panels on its roof and a significant 21-inch wheels.

The engine of this minibus is completely electric, the Budd-e also primarily based on the new SEM builder platform. This will be made use of to create electric automobiles in the future.

The cabin is really avant-gardist: all controls are placed on a significant touch panel in front of the driver, although the rear passengers settle in amenagees benches against the walls of the automobile. In addition, specific commands – such as temperature or radio – can be made use of by way of a voice handle technique.

Of course, you will not discover in your e-BUDD Volkswagen dealers tomorrow morning! By cons, a lot of of its technologies are most likely to be in the models of the brand … and it is not stated that the manufacturer does not offer you a tiny microbus that sort if demand is higher.

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