Volkswagen Concept I.D. BUZZ: buzzant!

There are a couple of years, Volkswagen had introduced the Microbus notion, a good physical exercise in style which incorporated the style of the well-known Variety two (also just known as Bus) of 60 and 70 years.

At the Detroit Auto Show, the German brand nonetheless revisits his Variety two, this time with the I.D. BUZZ Notion. This is a cute compact electric van capable as Volks, an autonomy of 270 miles (434 kilometers). A front engine and positioned at the back, for a total of 369 horses, make it a 4-wheel drive that can carry up to eight folks. KWh battery 111 can be recharged to 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes applying a CCS charger (Combined Charging Method). Volkswagen announces a -96 km / h (-60 mph / h) in about 5 seconds.

Mode 100% autonomous, baptizes I.D. Pilot BUZZ will allow its driver to sit facing the back to speak extra with his passengers. Also, the details projected by the technique head higher (HUD) will be thanks to the virtual reality.

In announcing this I.D. BUZZ Notion, Volkswagen also announced its electric approach that will commence in 2020 with a new platform. At this time, a new generation of automobiles connected and electric seem on the industry. Volkswagen offers for promoting a million of these automobiles annually from 2025.

We want him the ideal of luck.

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