Volkswagen Golf 2016: just for fun

The Volkswagen Golf requires no presentation. Undoubtedly, its on our roadways for several years currently – the known fact here is at its seventh generation. In a market of compact cars increasingly competitive, the Golf continues to seduce the buyers thanks to its always pleasant lines, but above all, thanks to its behavior that is dynamic which all of them far more interesting paths. The variety assists product sales in this niche sufficient reason for all declensions supplied, there exists a Golf for several preferences, another component that benefit.

For 2016, the design has returned practically unchanged. Probably the most volkswagen that is affordable is offered a $ 1995 base price and you is proposed configuration has three doors. The latter adopts a slightly more sporty, but it”s often the case for small families – it is better to opt for the livery has five doors, slightly more expensive, but more interesting every day thanks in particular has an easier to access rear seats.

In if you want practicality regards to practicality, the model that is ultimate it is the Sportwagon Golf, one of the few remaining family beneficially offered in this niche. The cabin is spacious, but above the cargo area was improves, which is highly appreciated families that are active. That which we drop when you look at the change? The design. These automobiles have not already been not so sexy and it is the actual situation for the Golf Sportwagon, but their security, few vehicles for the type which can be as pleasing to operate a vehicle.

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Several tastes, no TDI!
Another allure of tennis is it is not more affordable with a starting price that borders the $ 4000, but it has no equivalent in terms of performance that it not only has several configurations, but also offers a nice selection of mechanical flavors, sometimes Greenest sometimes downright diabolical.

This is the case of the Volkswagen Golf R. True. Its supercharged engine that is four-cylinder of liters de