Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500

Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500
Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500
Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500
Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500
Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500

At first glance, it might seem ridiculous to compare the Golf GTI is the Golf R: sold both by the same manufacturer, they are not in the same category. R shows an advantage of almost 80 horses, is better finished and offers the undeniable advantage of the integral cog. In addition, there is a gap of $ 11 400 between the base of the two models. Obviously, they target different buyers.

A more pushes review of lists of options available on the Golf could make you ponder: during a test week or I had in hand a GTI 5-door performance has automatic gearbox DSG, my colleague was present in the office at the wheel of a Golf R without any options. Looking at our respective window labels, we have been surprised to find that between my all equipped GTI and Golf R ‘basic’, there was that $ 500 difference!

This is getting interesting … Is it better to get hold of a GTI equipped all, or a Golf R core?

Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500

Photo: Samuel Ross Labrie

The equipment?

One might think that the GTI list of equipment would make it more desirable, but two compact are surprisingly similar: since there is a livery of the Golf R – the only option is the Technology Package adding the detectors blind spots, adaptive cruise control and an infotainment screen eight inches, among other things – it is already well stocked.

Serie, R offers 19-inch wheels, leather of the seats, adaptive lights at bixenon, the adjustable suspension, audio system has eight speakers and reverse camera. To qualify for the same equipment in a GTI, it will turn to Performance debutant version $ 39,095. Even worse: if you want leather seats, allow 1 $ 100 more, making the most expensive GTI as R!

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A price equal, therefore, the two vehicles will offer substantially the same characteristics. The GTI Performance is distinguished by a larger touch screen – 8 inches against 6.3 – and more advanced technologies, such as automated emergency braking.


Maybe the comfort aboard the GTI is superior to the alternative R, wilder? Unfortunately not: in normal driving, both are surprisingly civilized, comfortable and able to travel hundreds of kilometers without inconveniencing the occupants. Finally, it is possible to individually manage various parameters affecting the conduct: firmness of the steering wheel, the hardness of the suspensions, the sound – dummy – motor … On this side, there is no winner, the two are Golf as comfortable and user-friendly one than the other. The real winner here is the buyer that the magazine either of its cars.

Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R: the question $ 500

Photo: Samuel Ross Labrie

The performance

Could it be the performance that will decide the two vehicles? We know that changes in the automated DSG box reports are faster than with the manual, and the GTI includes the Depart-gun mode. These benefits do they allow it to be closer to the Golf R, and thus justify its price substantially identical?
Not at all.

As you can imagine, a car has four-wheel drive and an advantage of 72 horses will be faster, departure-gun or not!

According to our tests, the Golf GTI will go from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds and will cross a quarter mile in 14.4 seconds at 156 km / h will slow from 100 km / h in 40 meters and 2 , 85 seconds. R the fight in all areas: 0-100 km / h in 5.9 seconds, quarter mile in 13.97 seconds at 162 km / h and braking from 100 km / h in 39 meters and 2.89 seconds.

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Surprisingly, the best time driving the GTI have been accomplished without the Depart-gun fashion … so I can now say that I’m faster than a computer!

Leading them, note that R is much more neutral cornering: it has no tendency to understeer as the GTI and its rear train pulls into action very fluid way. Like a roller coaster, R rushes from one corner to another without fuss, and the fact that it comes with a manual transmission helps enormously to the conduct of accreditation.

For its part, the GTI is still very playful, but compared to the R, it displays a power deficit. For cons, the response time of the turbo is smaller, and it enters the turns with as much vivacity, you just make sure not to let the front unhook.
So R Advantage!

The right price

So do not go further to declare a winner in this game: a price equal, R wins!
But it would probably surprise anyone.

By cons, if one speaks of two basic versions, this is where it gets more thorny: even taking into account the benefit of the integral cog (which will be useful both in winter) and the resale value superior R – because there will be less on the market – it is difficult to justify a surcharge of more than 10 000 $. If you are of those who can not live without all the latest technology, go ahead with R, if you are looking rather sporty exception at a price more than honest, the range of input GTI will be a better choice .

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