Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2017: it is no longer the bargain once

Arguably way, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has usually been the reference in matters of functionality has compact hatchback, and has been considering that its introduction at the finish of year 70. For cons, the Jetta GLI, its sedan counterpart, must not be neglected, even if it delivers a a lot more subtle style, considering that purchasers of sedans do not necessarily appear for a auto-a-pat the eye.

Although the GTI has received some updates in current years, such as a a lot more effective engine, the GLI retains the version of 210 hp, with torque of 207 foot-pounds, the great 4-cylinder turbo two , liters of the manufacturer. It is nevertheless related to a manual gearbox six reports or a DSG automatic six reports also.

Regardless of his age – the present Jetta was introduced for the 2011 millesime – the GLI is nevertheless entertaining to drive. The generous couple diet plan low tends to make takeoffs fascinating, and energy is usually offered to exceed or to devour the winding nation roads. The catch is that premium fuel is advisable, while consumption is pretty affordable. We have observed an typical of eight.9 l / 100 km through our test week aboard a GLI equipped with the DSG box.