Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid 2014: Think about it …

In Quebec, the automobiles powered by a diesel engine are well-liked. Excluding the nevertheless lingering smell in complete, the diesel has a host of benefits, which includes lowered consumption, outstanding battery life and a quite higher torque, higher appreciated when overspending for instance. In the field of diesel Volkswagen knows a. So why VW he manufactures a Jetta Hybrid?

Volkswagen does not hide his ambitions to turn out to be the biggest automobile manufacturer in the planet by 2018. To accomplish this, it demands to supply a comprehensive variety. On the other side, it is not the United States, vital market place if it is a slow and take a VW, the Jetta TDI recognized sales records. The Americans start to recognize penalty has a diesel engine does not give cancer and we can method without the need of upholster every single time an antibacterial mixture. In this context, the Jetta Hybrid requires up some of its which means and there is no doubt that it will attract a public disinclined to diesel but who desires the excellent of the planet. Lastly, a hybrid is usually additional economical than diesel in town.

The game of seven errors
For non-insiders, the Jetta Hybrid is distinguished pretty a standard Jetta. Apart from some badges Hybrid, it is primarily the headlights with their row of LEDs which are noticeable. There are also some variations in the back but these facts. But when 1 appears closely, a number of aerodynamic improvements reduced the friction coefficient, a ought to for a automobile that desires to consume as small as achievable. The cabin was not quite distinctive. Of course, gauges dashboard are distinct hybridization demands, apart from that, this is virtually the glue tray.

Jasons mechanics
If there is an region exactly where the hybrid Jetta stands out from other folks is, of course, the level of motorization. The petrol engine is a 1.four liter 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection which has the particularity to acquire an intermediate cooler, superior recognized by its scientific name intercooler. The electric motor housed amongst the engine and transmission. It Deploys 20 kW (27 horsepower). Each present an output of 170 horsepower and torque 184 lb-ft of of 000 revolutions / minute. The lithium-ion 1.1 kWh, it requires location on the rear axle.

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Rather than a vulgar fuck CVT amongst the engine ( engine would be additional correct) and the front wheels, the engineers have privileged an automatic gearbox double clutch seven-speed …! Yes, seven, as in 7, seven, siete, VII … The driving enthusiasts will appreciate VW has for lengthy!

Probleme consumption?
All this approach is fine but is that the lowered consumption promises are kept? Volkswagen announces four.five l / 100 km city and four.two on the road. My typical for a trial week in November was six.7 rather by the onboard laptop or computer and six.eight by calculating manually (43.02 liters per 624 km). This is far advance figures by Volks, nevertheless, they appear to agree with these of other journalists. This consumption, while moderate, is not practically nothing exceptional. A TDI version is also excellent, at least for these who drive additional than city, as was the case for the duration of our test. The Hybrid or accomplished superior is in terms of CO2 emissions. According to All-natural Sources Canada, a hybrid Jetta rejects 024 kg / year though diesel model brings this rejection was 132 kg / year. A base Jetta two. liter produced in 496.

On soon after Volks, it is achievable to drive mode ions up to 60 km / h (70 of the E-mode) but if we can do it, then we ought to be significantly additional patient and much less fearful of reaction of other drivers, your beloved journalist. The e mode is activated by signifies of a button on the console. It permits to ride longer and, in theory, accomplish superior speed in electric mode only.

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It”s not due to the fact you”re green you can not be entertaining!
Nonetheless, the Jetta Hybrid is by far, the most enjoyable hybrid driving. As with most hybrids, after launched, we did not recognize that we are driving a automobile endowed with two sorts of engines.

The accelerations and pickup are frank, the handling is strong even if 1 feels that the 50 handful of added battery weigh a small additional on the rear suspension independent in a GLI, for instance. On the other hand, it need to develop significantly to really feel and I would be shocked that the standard purchaser of a hybrid automobile and has entertaining. The path is appropriate but, curiously, they are the brakes that have disappointed me. Handful of progressive, they are spongy to wish, which speedily becomes boring. I got employed to the vagaries of the brake pedal … the value of a handful of words that produced the sentence Jesus.

An irritating encounters on most hybrids comes from the place of the batteries, inevitably, comes biting aspect of the trunk. This is also the case of the hybrid Jetta. Its trunk can hold 320 liters though a standard version includes 440. Luckily, the engineers have managed to preserve adequate space to permit, soon after declining records, transport lengthy objects. Other notes from the trial week, Heated seats do not heat beyond measure we uncover that the footrest is quite effectively created and the automobile boasts good stability, even with massive lateral winds .

Make your calculations. And repeat them, just to be on …
This getting, till the halftone, is nevertheless a small darker when addressing the situation of the expense … Our test model was a Highline, most opulent, was $ three,300. It is achievable to opt for a Trendline has much less than $ two,000. A negotiated TDI Highline is about $ 2000. Taking into account the resale worth of the TDI need to be largely superior to that of the Hybrid, the decision appears straightforward to do … and I was going to neglect: if you can do additional than 000 km with a complete tank of diesel, you can make hardly additional than 700 with the hybrid.

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At the danger of repeating myself, the Jetta Hybrid will appeal to a specific audience and will be even additional sense that TDI in specific situations. We could also get additional shades if we permitted a quite financial survey thrust, but the finish outcome would be probably to stay the identical. It”s one thing to assume about, effectively …


Model was tested

Version tested

Price tag variety

model of value testing

Simple warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Consumption (city / highway / observed)



Powerful points

Weak points

Volkswagen Jetta 2014
hybrid Highline
1990 $ 330
$ 330
years / 800km
years / 1000km
four.five / four.two / six.8L / 100km
Honda Civic hybrid Volkswagen Rabbit TDI
  • A hybrid that does not appear a hybrid
  • pleasant road manners
  • sufficient comfort
  • lowered CO2 emissions (according to information from All-natural Sources Canada)
  • automatic productive transmission
  • Consumption when identical higher
  • Secure limit
  • very spicy Price tag
  • Resale worth is confirmed
  • disappointing brakes

Appreciation card


subjective worth




Basic appreciation

three. / 5As town only, it would deserve at least a four/five
three. / 5The resale worth will justify she asks the value?
three.five / 5Ordinaire. But you have the proper to assume otherwise!
four. / 5Reussi! Thank you to the independent rear suspension
four. / 5To a compact hybrid, they are surprising
three. / 5A 35 000 $, I”ll pass. A Trendline has $ 29 000? Probably.