Volkswagen Passat 2013: The Passat will it still happening?

As published in the 2013 Car Guide

The new generation Passat has lost its luster, at least in basic variant. But the entry fee has radically reduced, which is expected to have this intermediate drill – that”s what Volkswagen hoped. Is it going to work? And above all, at what price?

The equation is not further: Stripped generation and reduced price equal reach the average of competing cars. What if we trust in the Jetta experience has avoidance means higher sales. And it, Volkswagen really needs, who wants to become No. 1 worldwide by 2018.

It was now the turn of the Passat, last year, to Americanize. If the versions at the top of the ladder remains in a class apart (think 280 horsepower V6, leather and other interior sophistication keys), it is different for the base versions that were added.

Because to reduce the entry fee of $ 000 ($ 2,000), it was necessary to cut. It feels – and ca means – in an average soundproofing, cracking the windows and windshield assembly rattling.

Finally, AC is discovers in the absence of integral traction (the 4Motion is not renewed, not even for the V6), the non-deactivation of the traction control (very unpleasant in winter), the disappearance of the optional sports suspension and the lack of a hot bench (what a compact like the Hyundai Elantra offers yet). Oh, and do not look for the family variant: it no longer exists on our walk.

Good news?
Now, that was the bad news. The good, mainte: henceforth our Passat is built on the continent – the first execution of the plant Chattanooga, Tennessee. Also, stretching its wheelbase of almost 10 cm (!), The car leaves the legs back Disengagement of a large sedan, almost a limousine. The-drawer: large in both width and depth. It is alleged by intrusive hinges that crush without pity that they dare place below.

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If the basic version is displayed side price in the average of other intermediaries (with Bluetooth and dual-zone air conditioning series), it”s because she”s livery with the five-cylinder engine (2.5 liters) which team also Jetta. Versus the former four-cylinder turbo is a loss of 30 horsepower (170 horsepower) for the Passat. Of course, we like the flexibility and smoothness of this engine, but it”s still limited to a car that has lost weight only 50 kilos, says the balance.

It is also limited with the four cylinder turbo diesel engine (2.0 liters) which, if it produces a thrust of 236 lb-ft, develops only 140 horsepower. With this TDI, the accelerations are heavy – indeed, the 0-100 km / h in ten seconds, it”s not very fast. In addition, rattling clean diesel engines that generally succeeds Volks has less discreet hide here for an experience less sophisticated than expected.

We comfort with consumption almost as frugal heralds (5.4 L / 100 km on the highway with TDI), but walking is high: the Passat TDI request $ 500 more than a basic version.

On the road, the Passat has lost the zest Germanic palpitations and for this, we must point the finger at an independent suspension that is (too) domesticated from even a slow management to react. Driving has become generic and without much feedback – between you and me, the new Beetle gives more steering feel …

Manual boxes (five or six speeds) are delivered with all levels of equipment (anyway!), Except with the V6. The automatic transmission with double clutch? It has always adored for the rapidity of its six passages, but it does not excel with the TDI engine. When eased off the accelerator, a retaining species mingles curb our race (on the Jetta TDI, too, by the way) and instinctively, gas is reset. It”s annoying.

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That said, the intermediary is great (in all senses) and comfortable routiere. You quickly get used to the controls, even if one has to deal with too small peaks (at the wheel and the console) for large fingers or those gantes. Bluetooth is particularly friendly or good quebecois, userfriendly.

Design? Elegant, classic … but harmless, if not without punch. It was once in a class apart, the Passat, the price also. Now that it has been despoiled, if not denatured is not only re-entry into the ranks, but did not find anything that could differentiate. You have to climb the ladder in the versions to find the Volkswagen gasoline, since the V6 is not that book Comfortline and Highline variants … from $ 3575.