Volkswagen unveils the Golf R400 Beijing

If you have already had a chance to take the wheel of a Golf R, you know that this car is a breathtaking drive. It is handy, powerful, agile and is available with a manual transmission. And if you”re up in a Golf GTI, it is also possible to imagine driving a 100 horsepower more, and twice the maneuverability.

At the Beijing Show, VW just presented a concept much like a productio model: the Golf R400. The idea is not further: take a regular Golf R and add 100 horses for a total of nearly 400 (!).

Using as a basis a regular Golf R, the engineers of the R division multiple technologies pilfer the Polo WRC rally program, and have applied to a 2-liter turbo. Now with nearly 200 horsepower / liter, the R400 goes from 0 to 100km / h in 3.9 seconds and reaches 280 km / h.

Here are the key element-this voitur: unlike other golf high performance concepts, the R400 has just been approved for a limited production! The supercars of the world are they will give the lesson by a Volkswagen?

Fingers crossed for VW deign import here …

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