Volvo S90 2017: the new luxury sedan

The manufacturer Volvo enjoys the Detroit Auto Show to unveil the S90 2017 model that succeeds in the S80 and becomes the really reality the new model etendard-door sedans in the constructor. The 2017 S90 makes use of the exact same architecture as the Volvo XC90, the SUV Volvo huge format with the really most recent generation is marketed from this year.

The Volvo S90 gives a really modern day style and most importantly, a lot extra aggressive than its predecessor, the S80. It stands out by its concave grille in the front and plunging roof line extra strongly at the rear.

3 engines to pick from
3 engines will be proposed, which includes a 4-cylinder two. liter turbocharged 240 hp version for T5 traction and a six-cylinder supercharged to 302 horsepower for the livery T6. Lastly, a hybrid plug-in dubbed T8 will also be marketed, the latter developping an impressive output of 400 horsepower. A semi-autonomous driving mode will hold the automobile aligns the center of the lane by controlling the speed and path up to a speed of 130 km / h.

Providing a variety of gear intended to assure the security of the occupants, the Volvo S90 implements the 2020 Volvo philosophy aimed at eliminating any fatal accident aboard a Volvo automobile by the finish of the decade.

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