Volvo V60: True to tradition

The all-new Volvo S60 sedan which has just be introduced to European markets and quickly to be residence, will be broken down into loved ones version by the finish of this year.

At the Swedish manufacturer that has just been purchased by Chinese Geely, the march referred to as traditional loved ones is incredibly critical simply because it represents a pretty higher percentage of its sales and has been for decades …

The middle of this sport wagon V60 is not in contrast to that of the XC60 SUV, in particular at the rear section of the pavilion.

Additional versatility
As this is a break as properly say if our French cousins, the cargo space is highlighted. Therefore, this loved ones gives a minimum of 430 liters of cargo space with the raised bench, an enhance of 50 liters compared to the information of the S60 sedan. In addition, the seat passenger in the front can be folded so that 1 can deposit there extended objects.

This big 5-seater gives a folding bench into 3 sections, are of dimensions 40/20/40.

The Volvo security
Like the S60 sedan, the new declination will have the new electronic program of recognition of pedestrians which is related with a front section was purposely made to decrease pedestrian injuries in an accident.

Clearly, this version of the Swedish manufacturer Huppee benefited a lot of technological aids driving and this has like other autos in its class.

poor America
The loved ones Volvo V60 will be officially presented to the public on the occasion automobile at the Paris subsequent October.

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Sadly, this new loved ones has Volvo”s sporty character will not come to America. A choice taken on the basis of poor sales of the Volvo V70 in North America. An aging automobile that has asked to be replaced in order to compete with Japanese and German luxury midrange.