Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race : to the nature

The car manufacturer high-end Geely has found a good way to celebrate the start of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017/18 preparing a special edition said to be eco-responsible of his family V90 Cross Country. In order to combat marine pollution, the break in raised created by the department of special vehicles of the company is delivered with inlaid carpet made from d”Econyl, a fabric made from nylon is 100% recycled.

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+ photo Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race

In order to better distinguish this special edition of a V90 Cross Country standard, the Swedish brand that covers the body of a white, Crystal White, to which she adds touches of grey-matt (rocker and contours of wheels) and bright orange (shoes protection). To complete the differentiation, we find alloy wheels, specific as well as stitching and belts orange are exclusive to the interior.

Volvo has announced no number of copies accurate, but says that she will make a donation of € 100 for each of the first 3 000 cars sold. It is, therefore, 300 000 €, which will be put to benefit of the scientific programme of the Volvo Ocean Race that fight in particular plastic waste in the oceans. Also, the abandoned fishing nets extracted from the seabed will be recycled and reused to be used inside of the luxurious cabin, for example for the floor mats.

For the race the Volvo Ocean Race this year, all boats will be equipped with a multitude of sensors that will collect data in some of the most remote areas of the oceans. This information (barometric pressure, temperature, wind speed, currents) will then be used to develop better climate models used by scientists around the world.

Not only that, but the embedded sensors also measured the levels of the salinity of the water, the algae and the dissolved CO2 to help the understanding of the pollution of plastic and how it affects the ocean life.

If we can only rejoice and appreciate this initiative, and admit that it is better than what other manufacturers, we can not prevent us from finding out the amount of the gift well low for a vehicle of this price.

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