Who are you, C4 Cactus ?

It was last week, in a lovely room in the paris region. The show was graph, the host-ess-s-smiling-e-s, the communicating inflated to block the fruit juices sophisticated : all the ingredients of a good launch, were gathered. Only here, I feel lost : I don”t recognize the car in front of me.

To understand, we must go back, and, more specifically, on February 5, 2014. Everything was identical, except for the phlegm of Frédéric Banzet since replaced by the sparkling of Linda Jackson. And here, we watch this film :

In 1:39, all is said. My little heart is racing : this funny auto strikes in the middle ! The less but better, back to basics, what a wonderful idea. And I”m completely entranced by the exterior design : chrome-plated or edges, there is none ; on the contrary, the forms round and smooth we tend the arm. In his dress white mother-of-pearl, it looks like one nice little roller, we almost want to pet it. And the Airbumps do not annoy me in any way, quite the contrary. It is original, yes, but well enough treated to integrate with the overall design. And then the different combinations of colors can be married with all the body colours. In short, I walk out of the presentation absolutely delighted, thrilled to see Citroen offer a product as innovative, original, quirky. Delighted to see that Citroën has the courage to dare. And I go home, discovering cars though bland, looking forward to see Cactus flower a little everywhere on our streets.

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Only so, not a lot of people don”t include the car. There are already a lot of confusion with the term ” car key “, likened to the low-cost. Coaster total in communication, and we then speak of a crossover as the other. And the Airbumps are clivants, too clivants. The Cactus will be relegated to the background of the figures of sales, dropped by the Captur and 2008. The C3 Aircross, which appeared recently, will be the coup de grace : stylistically acceptable, more practical, better equipped, similar price. And here comes the October 26, 2017.

Already, it is a sedan. A sedan. A sedan. A SEDAN. A B-E-R-L-I-N-E. Got It ? The press conference will turn and hold on the attachment of the Cactus to the range for more harmony, a better air of family, etc, etc., So, clearly, it is successful, all the elements are there : the line of chrome that surrounds the leds to finish on the logo on the front, the fog lights with coloured plastic, the rear lights ” “3D “” (I”m really struggling with this so-called effect) and, obviously, the Airbumps, which are nothing more than a moulding in the bases. It is very good, congratulations to the designers, you have done your work. But where is my little pebble ? I have before me a car, which loses much of the charm of his simplicity ; his bonhomie seems a long way off.

And then I still struggle with its positioning. A sedan, really ? It tackles so the 308, Golf, renault Megane and others. And from there, it may be lagging behind in several areas. The habitability, first of all : the disappearance of the Airbump, and a roof rack stretch visually the car, but 4.17 m long with a wheelbase of 2.60 m, it”s been a little when the competition is typing more in the 4.25/4.30 m long with a wheelbase easily 5 inches longer. And it feels fatally with a roomy back fairly counted (my 1.78 m touch the ceiling), a safe deposit box at the threshold, perched high volume and not so fufu that it (358 litres, when competing in the show at least 380). Not to mention that the equipment, although increased, still mark the time step with the other compact : air conditioning single-zone, not adaptive, a combined instrumentation for the least…stripped, a central screen not folichon… Remains to know the price, that could sweeten the pill.

Everything is throw away, so, in this new Cactus ? No ! Already because the teams Colors & Materials of the trade mark do an incredible job for some time, and they are not misses with the restyling : the internal harmonies déboîtent a little and the interior is a real nice place to spend time. And let”s not forget that the new fad of the Cactus, is to provide a comfortable ” flying carpet “. The previous one was already very nice on this point, but plan to move into a new dimension with the new suspension and its famous stops hydraulic progressive. To make it simple, two end hydraulic (one for compression, one for rebound) are added to the suspensions to eliminate the fluttering, deflections, rebounds. An innovation full of promises, therefore, which goes hand in hand with armchairs Advanced Comfort with high density foam. To have put my diaper, I found it to be severely comfortable, with a synthetic very impressive from a fluffy absolutely remarkable and fit without reproach. Citroën also announced have especially worked on the soundproofing : part of a whole which gives me very want to take the steering wheel…

So there I was skeptical. I have the impression that the teams Citroen really didn”t know what to do with this Cactus, far too different from what you can find, as well in the range as in the market in general. They have tried to patch up with what they have, but the car in the end gives this strange aftertaste of unease, the Cactus does not stick to the labels that one wants to give to her, the skin in which it is enclosed. It is a self to which I am deeply attached and I am sad to see my taste denatured. You were born this way, like Lady Gaga, born to be radically different. Was it a mistake to make it a production car, rather than a concept car ? The question could be raised, but it is now too late. After all, the market is always right, and Citroen is there to sell cars…

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