World Premiere of Audi Allroad Prologue Concept at Shanghai Motor Show

After the Prologue Concept sedan presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2014, and before the Prologue Concept, unveiled at the Auto Show in Geneva in March 2015, the Allroad Audi Prologue Concept, which was launched at the Salon Auto Shanghai, complete the third of this family of concept cars which aims to evolve the visual language of the brand for the arrival of the next generation of series of models, including the new A8 which the launch program for next year.

Compared to the Prologue Concept Before the Prologue Allroad Concept presents a ground clearance high, thus taking the consecrated formula of the German manufacturer for this model, but his style remains remarkably similar to that of the Avant. 5.13 meters long, rolling on 22-inch rims and integrating to both roof racks and specific shields, the Prologue Allroad is impressive, but there is a strong bet that the A6 Allroad model series that it presage, and that will probably be launched in 2018, adopts a slightly more compact dimensions. 

V8 biturbo engine and electric
Regarding the engine, Audi has put both the performance and efficiency by providing the Prologue Allroad with a V8 4.0-liter twin-turbo fuel is gasoline and an electric motor housed in the tiptronic automatic transmission eight reports. The combined power is chiffree has 734 horsepower and the couple has 663 foot-pounds, both book to all four wheels via the quattro integral cog. The German manufacturer announced a zero sprint a hundred kilometers / hour shot in 3.5 seconds. consumer side, Audi precise it is 2.4 liters per 100 kilometers, according to measurement standards european own rechargeable hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery of 14.1 kilowatts / hour which is mounted under the boot floor, allow the Prologue Allroad Concept run on 54 km in purely electric mode. One of the most interesting peculiarities of this new concept is that the battery charging is via inductive, not by a cable branch the electric power source, Audi has intention to eventually integrate this system of induction charging PHEVs has its next series of models. 

first class comfort
The interior of the Prologue Allroad concept is endowed with four seats and a center console that extends the front seats to the rear seats. The front driver and passenger face three touch screens and cockpit resumes VC inaugurates the recent Audi TT. Rear passengers can control the heating systems / air conditioning and infotainment and two electronic table fitted to the front seats files. In addition, Audi inaugurates a function butler through software that will be able to identify passengers with their smart phone and adjust the position of the seats and the heating system / air conditioning depending on the preferences of each, in addition to suggestions regarding the music program or the journey has to travel to reach its destination.


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