Yamaha Cross Hub Concept : the pick-up pocket

The manufacturer of motorcycles, Yamaha has unveiled an SUV at the auto Show in Tokyo called the Cross Hub Concept.

Posted October 25, 2017 Category Yamaha Cross

While the concept Xc Hub is the new car model has been presented, the president of Yamaha, Takuya Nakata, has confirmed at the Tokyo motor Show that its two preceding concepts, Motivation and Sports Ride Concept 2015, are still under study.

The Cross Hub Concept is a mini pick-up from 4.49 m to 1.96 m wide and can transport 2 bikes, Yamaha , of course, in the truck, and 4 passengers in its clever interior. In fact, the latter is in the form of a rhombus, the driver having a central spot while two passengers are on his side, slightly got home. The last passenger, the one who lost to the short-straw, is found behind the driver with a space that seems at least reduced.

There is nothing has been announced about an upcoming production, no doubt it will take time, as for the other two concepts mentioned, before you see them in the streets.

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